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A Holistic Approach to Mobile Application Development

Build Scalable and Sustainable Applications with our Battle-Tested Mobile Application Development Process

Have an idea for an application? That's just the beginning. We can help you with an end to end approach to ensure you have a sustainable and scalable product. We strategize with you based on your roadmap and goals and bring our skills, experience and diverse toolkit to take an idea or MVP product to the next level. We’ll work with you to create a go to market strategy and technical roadmap that supports long term growth.

Our capabilities

Custom Mobile App Solutions for Any Platform

  • Native Development

    Our experience developing native apps on both Android and iOS allows us to recommend the best solution for your use case. If you're only planning to target one platform or performance is your top priority, then a native implementation may be the way to go. We'll work with you to determine the best option to fit your budget and your customers' needs.

  • Cross Platform Development

    Cross-platform development techniques allow you to target all the popular platforms with a single, shared code base. This is a great option if your goal is to reach the maximum number of users with the smallest budget. Our experience working with the most popular cross-platform development solutions lets us build performant, beautiful apps that work great on any device.

Building a Solid Foundation for Your Mobile Application

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    We’ll work with you to build scalable solutions from the beginning, avoiding costly technical debt and common pitfalls with a shortsighted roadmap.
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    Platform Experts
    We bring guidance and expertise to navigating complex guidelines and requirements across platforms.
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    We create flexible and scalable architectures that allow for seamless integration of new features and functionality as business needs evolve.
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    Human-Centered Design
    We advise on branding, UX, animations, photography, art direction, asset development, and design systems.

Software Development Process

  • Get to know the Lion team
    We align all team members by hosting workshops to define requirements
  • Design and Prototyping

    During this phase, we map out the user experience and create visual elements
  • Software Development
    Once the designs are approved, the development team codes the application according to designs and requirements
  • Software Testing
    We test our code on a continuous basis and have a heavy emphasis on application testing before launch
  • Deployment
    Once approved for launch, we push the code to production and deliver the product to users
  • Maintenance and Updates
    Bugs and enhancements post launch are integral to our process and are added to the backlog and prioritized
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Our capabilities

Unlock your Application’s Potential with Our Technology Expertise and Innovation

  • Go To Market Strategy

    We ensure you’re building the right product from the start and help you build a monetization plan so you can grow the app in various ecosystems.

  • App Security and Reliability

    Our applications are built with security protocols as top of mind. We have experience building apps that host highly sensitive data.

  • App Store Compliant

    We know the rules of each platform and build with each one in mind, which saves in time and development costs.

  • Integrations and Third-Party Apps

    Integrations are a central part of application development. We build with a thoughtful approach to integrating with API layers, CMS connections, and various third parties.

  • Legal Compliance and Product Documentation

    If you have users in Europe or California, following GDPR and other compliance standards is a necessity for app approval and launch.

  • Data Analytics and Tracking

    We incorporate data analytics during the application design process, ensuring a closed loop feedback process.


Our Tech Stack

Our approach is flexible based on your needs. We tailor solutions to meet your company’s current stage

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    Traditional fixed approach to building a product
  • Path 33
    Embed with teams that need continuous support over a specific timeframe
  • Path 33
    Venture Studio Approach to work closely with startups to collaborate and partner holistically
  • Path 33
    Consultative approach, providing expert guidance and feedback

Cultivating Innovation for Application Development Projects

  • We take a holistic approach to engineering

    We have a comprehensive approach to the design of an application, where we also advise on branding, user experience, animations, photography, art direction, asset development and design systems. Companies building applications have partnered with us because of our deep experience mapping the entire user’s journey.

  • We work as partners, collaboratively and agile to keep a project on pace

    Our collaborative, agile methodology is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients building applications. We strategize with you based on your roadmap and goals and value collaboration, rapid iterations to deliver working applications that align with the company’s overall strategy.

  • We have a decade worth of experience in application development

    We have multiple years of experience in application development, which helps head off rookie mistakes. It’s critical to choose the right team that can not only support your immediate technical goals, but also take you into the future. We have deep technology expertise in CMS connections, localizations, and integrating with external API layers.

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How We Start With You

Initial Consult and Discovery
You can count on us to fully understand your unique needs and goals through in-depth research and collaboration. Our diagnostic process, including interviews and workshops, ensures we address the core issue and chart a path for success.
Project Scoping
After understanding your unique needs and goals, we develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your objectives and deliver the highest ROI. Our approach outlines key milestones, processes, and desired outcomes to ensure success in your education venture.
Estimation and Proposal
Our proposal for your project includes an overview of key objectives, our tailored processes and methodology, a cost estimate, and a projected timeline. Let's work together to deliver results and achieve your goals.

Unlock Growth and Take Your Business to the Next Frontier

Unlock your business's full potential with our 4 cutting-edge half-day workshops: Innovation Workshop, Growth Accelerator, Research Multiplier, and Northstar Branding. From boosting innovation and growth to maximizing research and refining your brand identity, we'll help you achieve your goals and transform your business. Get ready to take your company to the next level.

  • Innovation Workshop

    Spark your company's innovation with our Innovation Jam. Unleash your team's creativity and drive progress through our half-day workshop. With our collaborative brainstorming session, we'll help identify gaps, pain points, and promising opportunities for your company's future development.

  • Growth Accelerator

    Identify areas for growth, find product-market fit, or expand your product or service offerings with our Growth Accelerator. Our collaborative half-day workshop deep dives into strategy to evaluate internal and external factors that impact growth and provide a growth blueprint, recommendations, and a clear action plan for your company's continued success.

  • Research Multiplier

    Our Research Multiplier is designed to help you drive deeper engagement and deliver value to your users. Our collaborative half-day workshop dives deep into understanding your users and identifying pain points and opportunities in your existing research operations.

  • Northstar Branding

    Discover your brand's true north with our Northstar Branding. Our half-day workshop focuses on helping you find your unique voice, messaging, and positioning so you can connect with your audience in the right way.

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We help the top companies succeed in the digital age.

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We help the top employees succeed in the digital age.

We are currently building new partnerships

We help the top companies succeed in the digital age.

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We are currently looking for people to work with

We help the top employees succeed in the digital age.

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