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Benetech was founded on the notion of using software for social good by Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs that have seen success in optical character recognition and other fields. Benetech has driven results that help in four key spaces including: Education, Human Rights, Poverty, and the Environment.


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UX Strategy

Making a great experience for accessibility

From the start, we knew we wanted to focus on accessibility. We weren’t sure, however, how deep we wanted to go to enable users to not only be able to access all the content, but also, to make navigating the site a great experience for everyone.

Making a great experience for accessibility
Brand Strategy

Brand mission workshops drive unity and understanding

Assembling the entire team for a workshop to develop a brand mission statement that truly reflected the culture and incorporated the internal team’s thoughts resulted in an outwardly focused articulation of how we could position the brand and constantly ensure all decisions where thoughtfully considered against this backdrop.

Brand mission workshops drive unity and understanding
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Content Strategy

Designing a universal approach that works for anyone

Thanks to our UX process in which we thoughtfully considered content organization and strategy in relation to copy, images, and video assets, we were able to have multiple parallel tracks that ultimately worked together toward an established process and shared common goal.

Design Approach

Driving the brand with accessible colors + design patterns

We were all aware of the threat most designers face when designing super accessible web experiences so we challenged our team to create something full of life, color and design elements that would be able to surmount these threats.

Driving the brand with accessible colors + design patterns
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Masters of the screen reader

To fully understand all the needs of users who may have visual, auditory, cognitive or other uniquenesses, we drove in house testing of our work through multiple top tier screen readers and external devices as well as deep dive testing by members of these affected communities, both validating our work and challenging us to go further and innovate more.

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Community Service

Sharing our insights and learning from others

As a part of our relationship with Benetech, we were invited to join a round table of 100 different stakeholders in the accessibility community led and hosted by The White House Office of Digital Strategy in Washington DC during President Obama’s administration. Our insights and engagement led to meaningful progress in the community and at the highest levels in government.

Sharing our insights and learning from others

Testing User Preference

Real world impact is driven by real world testing





When testing our target audiences, our approach often incorporates deep research, persona development and critical reviews in order to gage their responses and unearth key takeaways. This is further reinforced and aided through real world tests where we track funnel progress, conversion points and/or other KPIs to validate our vision or help pivot toward new solutions.

For many tests, we hypothesize that a particular design approach will engage the user and result in the desired impact, but the reality of A/B or multivariate testing can yield unexpected outcomes. Until you have appropriately analyzed the data, your hubristic evaluations cannot be validated.

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