Our workshops are designed to spark creativity, foster collaboration, and drive innovation within your organization. We believe in the power of interactive and immersive workshops to inspire teams, align visions, and solve complex challenges. Whether it's defining your brand's mission and vision, evaluating user experiences through heuristic evaluation, or accelerating product innovation, our workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs. With a focus on delivering tangible outcomes and actionable insights, our workshops empower your team to think outside the box, unlock their full potential, and achieve exceptional results.

Brand Mission + Vision

In our brand mission and vision workshops, we work closely with your team to define and articulate your brand’s purpose and long-term aspirations. Through engaging activities and strategic discussions, we uncover the core values that drive your business and create a compelling vision that resonates with your target audience. By aligning your team around a shared mission and vision, we set the foundation for a strong brand identity and cohesive marketing strategy that drives growth and differentiation.
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Heuristic Evaluation

Our heuristic evaluation workshops focus on analyzing and improving user experiences across your digital platforms. By applying proven usability principles and design guidelines, we assess your applications and websites to identify potential pain points and areas for enhancement. Through collaborative sessions, we generate actionable recommendations for optimizing user interfaces and interactions, ultimately leading to a more intuitive and satisfying user experience.
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Product Innovation

In our product innovation workshops, we inspire your team to think innovatively and creatively about your products and services. Through a combination of brainstorming sessions, design thinking exercises, and market research, we help generate innovative ideas that address customer needs and market opportunities. By exploring new concepts and validating ideas, our workshops lay the groundwork for successful product launches and ongoing business growth.
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Jumpstart Workshops

Our jumpstart workshops are immersive sessions designed to accelerate your organization’s growth and success. This comprehensive workshop includes four key components:

  • Innovation Workshop: Focused on sparking creativity and generating breakthrough ideas, this workshop ignites innovation within your team.
  • Growth Accelerator Workshop: Aimed at formulating strategies for scalable growth, this workshop equips your team with the tools to drive business expansion.
  • Northstar Branding Workshop: Centered around defining and refining your brand’s positioning, this workshop ensures a clear and compelling brand identity.
  • Research Multiplier Workshop: This workshop leverages data and insights to fuel evidence-based decision-making and amplify the impact of your initiatives.

Combined, these jumpstart workshops provide a holistic approach to propel your business forward, foster collaboration, and establish a clear direction for future success.
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Sprint + Process Analysis

Our sprint and process analysis workshops focus on optimizing your team’s workflows and project management processes. By applying agile methodologies and analyzing your team’s approach to projects, we identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency. Through interactive sessions and collaborative exercises, we streamline workflows, foster cross-functional collaboration, and enhance overall team productivity.
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Hackathons are high-energy events that drive innovation, creativity, and rapid problem-solving. At Lion, we organize hackathons that bring together your team members from various disciplines to work collaboratively on specific challenges or opportunities. By setting a time-bound and competitive environment, hackathons encourage your team to think outside the box and develop creative solutions. These events not only yield tangible results but also promote team bonding and a culture of innovation within your organization.
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Our workshops are crafted to unleash the potential of your team, nurture a culture of innovation, and drive tangible outcomes that fuel your business growth. Through engaging and interactive sessions, Lion’s workshops empower your organization t

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