Our Services

At Lion Interactive, we are committed to providing end-to-end digital transformation solutions to our clients. We have a proven methodology focused on seamless integration of web strategy, technology, and user experience design with digital marketing.

We are a team of highly enthusiastic and passionate creators, designers, developers, managers, and marketers. We create compelling stories, create applications, and develop sites that resonate with the target audiences. We utilize qualitative and quantitative data research business to optimize our impact throughout our work.

  • Leveraging a strong strategy is crucial for business growth and customer engagement. It ensures a targeted, coherent approach, optimizing resource allocation for impactful campaigns. Understanding customer needs and industry trends, a well-crafted strategy enhances brand visibility, user adoption, and competitive positioning. By continually analyzing and adapting our strategy based on performance data, your business can maintain a dynamic approach.

  • Effective design is crucial in capturing attention, conveying messages succinctly, and building software experiences that delight and satisfy users. It can transform complex information into engaging visual stories, fostering trust and strengthening brand identity. Design can lead to product innovation and user engagement, whether for disruptive start-ups or Fortune 500 companies that need to revitalize their experience. Consistent, user-centric design enhances user experience, boosting conversions and customer satisfaction.

  • Branding is vital, establishing a unique identity and fostering customer trust and loyalty. It goes beyond visual elements, reflecting your company’s values and personality, setting you apart in competitive markets. Consistent branding enhances customer experience and recognition, directly influencing purchasing decisions, business success, and perception of products.

  • Our onshore senior technologists lead a talented group of engineers, constructing high-performing, extensible solutions. With a focus on sound architecture, we deliver complex systems that are built to endure. They seamlessly integrate with existing workflows, ensuring that our solutions not only meet current requirements but are also prepared for future scalability and adaptability.

  • Data technology is crucial in modern marketing and product engineering. We utilize a wide array of tools, whether enabling targeted strategies and personalized interactions that drive engagement and conversions or supporting onboarding and deep integrations into the products we develop. By leveraging these advanced technologies, we can develop data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to meet and anticipate customer needs, enhancing user experience and driving product innovation.

Innovative Methods, Measurable Results: How We Work

Agile. Innovative. Transformative. Our approach ignites growth, delivering measurable results. With speed and adaptability, our team crafts veritable solutions that drive your business forward. Our work is:

  • User-Centered by Design

    Crafting with the user in mind, we empathize, research, and develop digital solutions that provide real value and resonate with your audience, ensuring measurable results. Our user-centric approach driven by qualitative research transforms your digital presence by prioritizing the needs, desires, and pain points of your target audience.

  • Strategically Data Driven

    With our data-driven approach, we leverage quantifiable intelligence to make informed decisions that drive impactful results at scale. By gathering insights from real-world data, including analytics, engagement data, conversion tracking, and CRM data, we deliver verifiable solutions that consistently achieve measurable success.

  • Always Goal Focused

    We begin every engagement with a clear focus on the end objective. We identify the KPIs that matter most in reaching those goals and leverage data, not opinions, throughout our process to consistently achieve results. We apply this approach from a macro lens down to individual decisions, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive implementation.

Kickstarting the Journey: Maximizing Value in the Project Design Process

  • Personalized Consultation
    We get to know you and your needs through an introductory conversation to get to know our team.
  • Goal Definition and Brainstorming
    We define goals and pain points, brainstorm options, and align project objectives.
  • Workshop Facilitation
    We lead a collaborative workshop to generate innovative ideas and explore different approaches.
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Synthesis
    We analyze and synthesize gathered insights to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements.
  • Strategy Finalization and Validation
    We finalize the project strategy, validate details with you, and ensure mutual agreement.
  • Scope Delivery
    We deliver a clear and well-defined project scope, outlining the strategy, objectives, and deliverables.
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Ways of Working Together

  • Collaborative Embedded Agile Teams

    Unlock Seamless Collaboration: Our Embedded Teams seamlessly integrate with your existing team, working side by side to deliver agile, iterative solutions. With fractional team members at your fingertips, we bring expertise and flexibility to drive your projects forward.

  • Traditional Fixed Scope, External Agency

    Deliver Clarity and Predictability: Our traditional fixed scope external agency partnership brings together a deep collaborative approach, predictable cost structure, and iterative milestones to solve your challenges while you focus on your core business operations.

  • Empowering Startups with Venture Studio Partnership

    Fueling Growth, Together: Our venture studio approach combines customized cost structures, deep integration, and expert guidance to accelerate your startup's growth. With a proven track record of working with successful ventures, including Texture (acquired by Apple), we empower startups to thrive in the market.

Design Thinking

Our process utilizes iterative, non-linear process of Design Thinking that helps us to challenge assumptions, understand users, redefine problems and issues, and come up with innovative solutions. We follow the five stages of Design Thinking our Workflow.

  • Customer-Centric Solutions:

    Through Design Thinking, we deeply understand your customers' needs, pain points, and aspirations. By empathizing with their experiences, we design solutions that resonate and address their unique challenges, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Iterative Process

    Our iterative approach allows for continuous refinement and improvement. We prototype and gather feedback early on, ensuring that the final product or service meets and exceeds your expectations. This agile methodology enables us to adapt, iterate, and innovate rapidly.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration

    Design Thinking is a collaborative process. We bring together multidisciplinary teams, including designers, developers, marketers, and strategists, to harness diverse perspectives and expertise. This collaboration fuels creativity, resulting in holistic and effective solutions.

  • Human-Centered Design

    By placing humans at the core of our design process, we create products and experiences that make a meaningful impact. We blend aesthetics, functionality, and emotional resonance to deliver solutions that delight users and drive business success.

It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

– Steve Jobs

Ignite Innovation for Future Success

Unleash the Power of Innovation: Our innovative solutions and strategies propel businesses forward, helping them thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. With a forward-thinking mindset and a passion for pushing boundaries, we pave the way for transformative growth and competitive advantage.

  • Unlocking Disruptive Thinking

    Our workshops ignite a divergent approach that goes beyond conventional boundaries. We start outside the box, exploring unconventional ideas, and converge on applicable solutions that challenge the status quo and drive innovation.

  • Crowdsourced and Collaborative Thinking

    Harnessing the power of collective intelligence, we facilitate crowdsourced and collaborative thinking sessions. By engaging diverse perspectives and expertise, we tap into the collective wisdom of your teams and stakeholders to generate groundbreaking ideas and insights.

  • Leading-Edge Technologies

    Staying ahead of the curve, we leverage cutting-edge technologies like Chat GPT to fuel innovation. By integrating emerging technologies into our process, we uncover new possibilities, explore uncharted territories, and create transformative solutions for your business.

  • Double Diamond Methodology

    Drawing inspiration from the renowned Double Diamond design framework, we guide the innovation journey through distinct phases of divergent and convergent thinking. This structured approach allows us to explore a wide range of possibilities before narrowing down and refining the most promising ideas.

In conclusion, our commitment to innovation propels businesses towards growth and a sustainable competitive edge. By fostering disruptive and collaborative thinking, integrating cutting-edge technologies like Chat GPT, and following the Double Diamond methodology, we ensure that your organization is actively shaping the future.

Content Creation

With the movement of marketing spend to digital funnels, our creators are engaged in developing digital content with greater efficiency and limited resources. We provide an exceptional user experience with our strategically generated content to delivery engaging content that resonates with the target audience. By adopting a strategic approach to content, we can create campaigns that deliver results directly aligned with the product and the challenges it addresses for users. By understanding the motivations and mindsets of our users, we can design a seamless funnel and user journey that ensures the content marketing strategy is consistently reflected in the application and product itself.

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Industries We Work With

  • Consulting
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Consumer Goods
  • Telecom & Big Data
  • Software & Subscription
  • Media & Publishing
  • Corporate
  • Real Estate & Tech
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Associations & Non-Profits
  • Fintech & Banking
  • LegalTech
  • Healthtech & Wellness
  • Edtech & Universities
  • Lifestyle
  • Museum
  • Urban Development

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How We Help
  • Lion Interactive was established by our founders in 1999, aligning with one of the earliest waves of internet growth. Over the past 20+ years, we've consistently expanded and made significant impacts for a diverse range of clients. Our success lies in unlocking continuous value and fostering long-term relationships grounded in trust and mutual benefits.

  • We pride ourselves on fostering close relationships with our partners and clients, as opposed to operating like a large, detached offshore team. This approach facilitates a deep understanding of mutual needs and expectations. In the event of any misunderstandings or concerns regarding the scope of work or specific definitions, we prioritize collaborative efforts to reach common ground and bridge any gaps. With our fixed-approach software engineering, we typically guarantee our work for two to three months after launch. This follows an extensive QA and user acceptance testing phase. This ensures our clients can launch with confidence, knowing their project is backed by our committed engineering team and our promise to address and rectify any post-launch issues.

  • We choose technology based on current best practices that promote scalable growth at an economical cost. While we enjoy being at the forefront of modern innovations, we exercise caution and avoid adopting new technologies that haven't been widely validated. Drawing from our multi-decade experience, we've observed the ebb and flow of various technologies. With that perspective, we prioritize longevity, scalability, and affordability when assessing and recommending technological solutions.

  • Our typical budget range is anywhere from $20 to $50,000 on the low end. On the high end, we have certain-figure engagements, which vary depending on the duration of the project, the impact, and the team members being utilized, among other factors.

  • After many years of implementing enterprise-level WordPress solutions, we have become intimately familiar with its capabilities and its potential for dynamic and headless customization. We excel at configuring it for administrator ease-of-use, and we are well-versed in leveraging its strengths for search engine optimization. While WordPress is a favored content management system, it's not the only one we employ. Depending on the specifics of a project or the needs of a particular application, we also utilize other platforms such as Craft, Contentful, and even Webflow.

  • Our approach is consistently goal-oriented, and the return on investment (ROI) can manifest in various ways. For E-commerce-based engagements, we often analyze conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and customer lifetime value to comprehend the impact we're generating. In other scenarios, ROI can be observed through reduced overhead costs and a decreased need for full-time employees. By leveraging technology, we enhance productivity without requiring as many hands on deck. Since our expertise spans both product design engineering and product marketing, some of our key performance indicators (KPIs) may take longer to fully realize. For example, in content marketing, understanding the ROI around content creation can be a gradual process. This kind of ROI can be gauged through metrics like website traffic, user engagement, growth of potential markets, and tracing back to a user journey that results in conversion metrics.

What makes us different?

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    A Team of talented professionals
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    Leveraging the latest advanced technology
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    23+ years of cross-industry experience
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    Strategy driven approaches that avoid cookie cutter implementations
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    20+ years of design and innovation awards
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    Innovation at the nexus of technology, design and business

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We are currently building new partnerships

We help the top companies succeed in the digital age.

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